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08/21/22 - John Trudell's Speech at Evergreen State College, 1993

August 22, 2022 Tiokasin Ghosthorse
First Voices Radio
08/21/22 - John Trudell's Speech at Evergreen State College, 1993
Show Notes

In 1993, Indigenous peoples, including the Yakima, Klickitat and other area nations gathered to stop the violent disrespect to a time immemorial place of sustenance called Nanainmi Waki ‘Uulktt for the Klickitat Nation.

John Trudell (Dakota, d. 2015) spoke to bring attention and support to efforts of recognizing and honoring treaty rights often dismissed by Western concepts of property, the guise of money, and the system which makes everyone vulnerable to a situational acceptance of democracy. Trudell spoke at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in front of an audience of innocence and apologetic predatory energy. Listen in to this timeless recording only edited for broadcast without removal of context.

We want to thank you for listening to "First Voices Radio." Hoka hey John Trudell.

Production Credits:
Tiokasin Ghosthorse (Lakota), Host and Executive Producer
Liz Hill (Red Lake Ojibwe), Producer
Malcolm Burn, Studio Engineer, Radio Kingston, WKNY 1490 AM and 107.9 FM, Kingston, NY
Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Audio Editor
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